Dr. Michelle Augustine

Dr. Augustine believes that Financial Planning the authentic connection with people that makes them feel welcome, engaged, and comfortable – is the key to success of Financial Planning.

As the visionary who saw just how disconnected financial planning is from the consumer, Dr. Augustine – founded For The Discerning.

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience as CFO for a $20.5Billion Pension system and Chairperson for The College for Financial Planning, Dr. Augustine looks for every opportunity to establish meaningful connection with investors.Dr. Augustine holds a Ph.d in Finance at The Nova Southeastern University.





Transaction Management

Our long list of industry contacts, developed over decades in the business, is an excellent source of information on available assets. Often we learn about availability before a listing is made public.

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Investment Funds

FTDC Private Placement Investment Funds. This investment supports the growth of FTDC.

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If you’re interested in selling now we will buy it through our investment fund. Please contact us.

For the Discerning

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For Personal or Institutional investment planning please contact Dr. Augustine at [email protected] or call 888-783-6667