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Ownership brings a wealth of opportunities – adventure between coasts and islands exploring azure waters and hidden caves, enjoy leisurely lunches on board, teach your children to swim from the aft deck, throw whimsical parties and celebrate family events, secure a trackside view of the Grand Prix or simply follow the sun. Your own private crew can pre-empt your needs and ensure your personal preferences are always their number one priority. A yacht is a home from home.

If you want to explore the world and experience the ultimate in luxury, buying a yacht is the definitive lifestyle choice. While there is significant emotional and financial outlay in the journey yacht, in the end, owning a superyacht is an incomparable triumph. If you just want to charter a Yacht Boatsetter gives you be best Experience through the most locations.

High transactions stem from pent-up demand, according to brokers. During the first half of 2020, just 165 sales were recorded as the first waves of coronavirus spooked buyers.

Earlier this year BOAT Business reported a record month of brokerage sales in May at 75, however, June swiftly took the mantle at 79 sales.

That is hardly surprising. For the top 1 percent, the pandemic has been beneficial to their balance sheets. According to Credit Suisse Research Institute in its annual Global Wealth Report, wealth creation in 2020 was largely immune to the challenges facing the world due to the actions taken by governments and central banks to mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19.
Total global wealth grew by 7.4 percent and wealth per adult rose by 6 percent to reach another record high of US$79,952. “The reduction in consumption opportunities due to lockdowns, combined with income-support programs, led to a rise in saving for many people,” said the report.


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For many Ultra High Net Worth that is a fortunate reality. Brokers have sold 83% of last year’s entire superyacht capacity in the first six months of 2021, as the promise of a record-breaking year for sales continues to unfold, exclusive BOAT Pro data reveals.

Sales of superyachts (new and pre-owned boats 24 metres-plus) by brokers in 2021 continued to significantly outperform previous years as demand for vessels tracks increasingly higher, driven in part by coronavirus lockdown restrictions and travel safety concerns.

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